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Panoramic Views from the Top!

Arizona is one of the most photographed states in the country, and for a good reason. The

natural rock formations and canyons unique to the state create a picturesque backdrop that

making taking a bad photo almost impossible.

The southern part of the state has an arid, desert climate with sizzling summers, beautiful desert cactuses, and miles of vineyards, while the north is lined with plateaus and mountain ranges trimmed with pine forests, spruce, and fir.

The sixth-largest state in America has no shortage of natural beauty for visitors to see. Grand

Canyon National Park, the Colorado River, Humphreys Peak, Petrified Forest National Park,

Antelope Canyon and much more can all be found in the great state of Arizona!

Scottsdale, Arizona, is like a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert. Located in the Sonoran

Desert, Scottsdale is the perfect getaway.

The city dates back to the late 1800s, and you can still get a glimpse of Victorian Era Scottsdale. The oldest building in the city was built in 1892 by Frank Titus, a wealthy railroad investor. The city played an important role in WWII. The Thunderbird II Airfield trained over 5,000 pilots for the war efforts.

Today the city is well known for its laid-back culture, and if you are up for a game of golf, Scottsdale is home to over 200 golf courses!

Just south of downtown Tucson is the oldest European structure in Arizona. Founded in 1692 by

Father Eusebio Francisco Kino, the Mission San Xavier del Bac is a stunning example of traditional Spanish architecture. The mission was named for Father Kino’s patron saint, St. Francis Xavier, while the del Bac part of the name means the “place where water appears” due to its proximity to the Santa Cruz River. This White Dove of the Desert is a magnificent historic white stucco structure filled with beautifully preserved murals, paintings, and figurines.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of Arizona, be sure to add Mission San Xavier del Bac to your itinerary!

As you begin your drive out to Sedona, one of the first red rock formations you’ll see is Bell

Rock. Like a bell that has been perfectly placed in the desert, it’s no secret how Bell Rock got its


This unique formation is a popular spot for hiking amongst visitors and locals. A

quick 0.75-mile hike will have you at the top of the rock looking out into the desert. The

panoramic views from the top are spectacular at any time of day and well worth the


If you want to beat the crowds and beat the heat, be sure to get there early to make the most of your hike.


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