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One of my favorite parts of traveling is touring the area that I am visiting. While on vacation, I want to experience the culture and explore the community that I am inhabiting, even if it is just for a few days. To me, the best way to do that is through a tour. I have taken tours on buses, on boats, in the cars of locals and even in horse-drawn carriages.

Now for some of the best tours I have experienced:


My husband and I took this tour through the countryside and to a private beach near Dunns River Falls, Jamaica. This experience allowed us to see what life is like for the residents of Jamaica. We rode through small villages and past farms and acres of open land. What we liked most about the tour of Jamaica was that we had personal butlers serving us authentic Jamaican food while we lounged on the private beach. On the two-hour round trip drive to the beach, we learned about the culture and viewed the landscape.


Although I have been to Savannah several times, I still like to take a tour while there. There is so much to see and the Georgian city has a vast history. I have toured some of the forts that were a part of the Civil War. I have walked along the waterways and down the cobbled streets in the city. There are culinary tours that allow visitors to experience Southern culture through food. Being on a trolley tour of Savannah allowed me to see the parts of the city that felt like a movie set, like scenes right out of Forrest Gump.


Gorgeous pink beaches. That is what I will remember most about our stay and our tour in Bermuda. During this vacation, my husband and I toured the island by jumping on a local bus. We wanted to see the architectural design of the buildings and homes on the island. When we got to Hamilton, the capitol, we went into the City Hall which includes an art museum and the City Hall Theatre.


This is another Southern city that I like to tour. Even though I live within driving distance of the city that is closest to my hometown, I have taken several walking tours of Richmond. Each walking tour, of former plantations now made into gardens and parks and of the downtown cultural sites like museums, guides me through over four centuries of history. I learn more and more about the state that I have called home all my life. Many tours in Richmond are self-guided, but there are others that have guides and can be done with larger groups. Like Savannah, there are culinary tours featuring southern delicacies and because of the growing craft beer industry in Richmond, there are pub tours as well. The city features tours with something for everyone.

So, take my word for it, take that tour. You won’t regret the eye-opening experience.

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