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On the eve of the first day of my retirement year, the first full year that I had not worked since I was 14, I flipped through a few travel magazines and an issue of a local publication for retirees.  I made my way through the features on West Coast spas, New York wineries, and European river cruises.  Just a few weeks earlier, I'd begun to create a bucket list; one full of adventure and reflection.  I'd decided that now that I was at the end of my career that I wanted to experience life in a way I hadn't before.  I would view the Grand Canyon from a helicopter, meander the vineyards of Wine Country, and sink my feet into the white sand beaches of Aruba.  Not only that, but after a recent look into my family's lineage, I may even make a trek to Nigeria, the dominant country in my DNA profile.


But at the top of my bucket list was my goal that has brought you here; my desire to begin a new chapter in business and the opportunity to guide groups of people like you and I, who've worked a lifetime, to a life we can only imagine.  I have realized that I've always had a passion to help others and have found the perfect way to do this through travel.  With the guidance and expertise of Tillie James Travel, you can begin your life of luxury, relaxation and adventure now.  I provide travel advice to families, businesses, clubs, organizations and other groups who want to explore, experience and share common interests through travel.  What better way to create priceless memories and build community bonds?

Meet Joe


I believe in family, connecting with your roots and knowing where you came from.  Better yet, I believe in traveling to where you or your ancestors came from.  Recently, my family had their DNA traced. It was fascinating to finally see that some of my features were because I was part Nigerian and West African.  I started imagining how life-changing it would be to take my family there for a reunion of sorts.  But I also thought, "What if every family got to do this?" My passion is to discover where I came from but also to share my expertise and passion with you to give you the same priceless memories.


That is why when my wife decided to go on this adventure of a lifetime, I was onboard right away.  Tillie James Travel offers much more than exquisite vacations to discover your roots, but wouldn't it be awesome if after you've seen the way others live and experienced their cultures, that you could explore and enjoy your own?  We're here to help you do that and more.


We ensure that every detail is planned exactly as you'd expect it to be.  We are equipped with the skills necessary to handle your travel needs with over 20 years of event and travel management experience for both private and public events.  We take pride in providing excellent customer service.  Allow Tillie James Travel to pamper you and remove any anxious and stressful moments that may occur while planning your travel.  If you are ready to get started in planning your custom-crafted journey, please contact us today. 

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