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We are Tillie and Joe

The design masters for your next vacation. We understand finding time to take a vacation is often difficult. Nothing is worse than squeezing in the time for vacation only to be stressed and overwhelmed with the planning to arrive to an underwhelming experience. With our more than Twenty five years of event and travel management experience, we are equipped to ensure your vacation will be flawless. Attention to detail is more than just a saying at Tillie James Travel, it’s a way of life. We take great pride in knowing that our clients are able to travel with ease and comfort knowing that everything has been taken care of for them.


While we serve our clients in a number of ways, our focus lies in the group and luxury travel market. Connecting busy professionals with a vacation that they won’t forget. We particularly enjoy river and small ship cruising. Talk about an experience of irresistible indulgence while only needing to unpack once.

Group travel allows us the option to help organizations such as churches or non profit groups to be able raise charitable funds and create memorable experiences for their members. We also work with businesses and organizations as a part of our Joint venture program. The joint venture program allows you to connect with your customers on a deeper level by travelling the world together but also generating additional revenues for your business.


In addition we also love to work with families to reconnect with their heritage. There is nothing quite like seeing where you come from first hand. To be able to walk in the same streets or towns your ancestors did generations ago. Imagine the possibilities for your next family reunion.

Meet Tillie

Tillie James is a travel advisor who got her start in the travel industry three years ago.  Previously she owned an events management company. In 2016 she retired after 20 years from the federal government as a senior federal official.


Tillie is now the co-owner of TILLIE JAMES TRAVEL, a travel agency specializing in researching, planning, and booking travel options based on a traveler’s needs and style.


Hundreds of travelers have trusted Tillie with their travel needs.  In addition to servicing individual client bookings, Tillie James Travel has successfully designed travel experiences for groups as intimate as ten and as large as 150 travelers. Tillie has been invited to lend her group travel expertise to symposiums and speaking engagements.


Meet Joe

Joseph James is a travel agency owner and travel advisor professional who started a business in the travel industry three years ago. He has owned and operated an events management company that provided services for clients in private, commercial and corporate settings.  He has owned information technology companies and has worked in the Health Care, Banking, Academia and Federal Government Information Technology industries.


Joseph is co-owner of TILLIE JAMES TRAVEL, LLC a travel agency specializing in the research, planning, and booking client travel options based on their needs and their travel styles. 


Hundreds of travelers have trusted Tillie James Travel with their travel needs. In addition to servicing individual clients booking, Tillie James Travel has successfully designed and booked travel experiences for groups as intimate as ten and as large as 150 travelers. Joseph has been invited to document and speak on group travel expertise and experiences. 

Meet Kristyn James-Fox

Kristyn is a writer for Tillie James Travel. She has always enjoyed a good story, whether she is watching it, listening to it, reading it, or writing it.  For over 20 years, Kristyn has told stories through print, television, and a secondary career in education.

When Kristyn is not writing, she is a high school teacher where she shares her love of communication with her students. She is a wife and mother who resides in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia.



We ensure that every detail is planned exactly as you'd expect it to be.  

We are equipped with the skills necessary to handle your travel needs with over 25 years of event and travel management experience for both private and public events.  We take pride in providing excellent customer service.  Allow Tillie James Travel to pamper you and remove any anxious and stressful moments that may occur while planning your travel.  If you are ready to get started in planning your custom-crafted journey, please contact us today. 

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