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Featured Group Trips

France Soulful Epicurean Experience

June 13 - 23, 2024


A Luxury River Cruise from Arles to Lyon and 3 days in Paris Celebrating Black History and Culture

  • Explore the cultural history of Marseille, delight in live performances on board and onshore, and conclude your journey in Paris, where many Black artists, writers, and entertainers made their mark. 

  • Enjoy a variety of experiences exclusive to this unique itinerary, such as guided tours showcasing jazz, food, and wine, all while shining a light on Black heritage.

  • From romantic cities to gourmet havens and artistic epicenters, this itinerary enlivens all your senses. So, embark in Arles, and enjoy cruising to Lyon, France's culinary capital. 

  • Savor the beauty of legendary vineyards and imbibe in local vintages like Beaujolais and Côtes du Rhône. 

  • You can even become an expert in all things culinary: search for the highly prized "Black Diamond" truffles; learn how to pair chocolate with wine; and discover how olives turn into the Mediterranean's nectar, olive oil. 

White wine

Mandela's Path: A Time of Reflection

October 10 - 19, 2024
Male Lions

We are delighted to announce our custom-designed private journey to South Africa.


  • Enjoy learning about the fascinating history of Nelson Mandela's South Africa while it is brought to life through a collection of soulful encounters with the people and places he touched in his efforts to end apartheid.

  • Learn more in-depth about the culture and history of South Africa as well as who Nelson Mandela was and where he lived his life.

  • Take a journey on a safari where you will likely meet the Big Five (lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and African buffalos). Explore and participate in a wildlife safari revealing the country’s natural beauty.

  • Round out your stay with wine tastings, coupled with a chocolate and dessert tasting.

Aloha Adventure: Exploring Oahu & Maui

June 14-20, 2025


Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, the Aloha Adventure trip promises to be an unforgettable experience filled with fun, relaxation, and discovery.

We invite you to explore the Islands of Aloha to find your own heavenly Hawaii experiences.

You'll forge an unforgettable connection with nature, from a lush Maui pineapple farm and epic views from Pali Lookout towards the Kaneohe Bay and the Windward Coast.

Tropical Beach

Portugal Soulful Epicurean Experience

November 11 - November 21, 2025


A themed cruise offering guests an immersion in Black culture and history. Specially curated excursions and onboard experiences based on the destination and its Black heritage.

  • Explore the history of the Black and African diaspora in Lisbon and throughout Portugal along the breathtaking Douro River.

  • Discover the African heritage and culture in Lisbon. Be treated to exclusive Brazilian and African food tastings as well as authentic Portuguese cuisine and Port during two shoreside dinners at local wine estates known as quintas.

  • Travel to Porto to enjoy a Tomar Castle visit before embarking on the river cruiseship.

Lisbon Tram
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