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Dreamworthy Destinations

We can book tours in every continent — including Antarctica.
Every location has its own exclusive excursions and customizable itineraries

Everyone has dreamed of the perfect Paris vacation. The city embodies romance in a way few other locations can. Seeing Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower from the deck of a ship on the river Seine at sunset has to be the most romantic way to experience the city. Excursions in Paris include walking through the art markets of Montmartre in the shade of Sacre Couer Cathedral and touring the Louvre before getting dinner on the Champs-Élysées.

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Egypt. Cairo - Giza. General view of pyr


Imagine the mystery and luxury of cruising through Luxor as the kings and queens of ancient Egypt once did. Traveling along the Nile includes exploring the tomb of Nefertiti and seeing the last surviving wonder of the ancient world at the Great Pyramids of Giza. Along with a voyage through the ancient world, explore the modern wonders of Egypt with a private lunch at the Presidential Palace and a visit to the famed Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

South Africa

South Africa is rich in both culture and natural splendor. Home to the Kruger National Park, the country boasts one of the largest game reserves in the world complete with lions, cheetahs, impala, and more. The fertile grounds of South Africa also grow award-winning grape varietals which can be sampled at any of the country's hundreds of vineyards or in the cosmopolitan restaurants of Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The United States

All of America can be seen from the deck of a Mississippi River cruise. Quaint pastoral scenes of America’s heartland blend into the metropolitan cityscapes of St. Louis, Memphis, and New Orleans. The many waterways of the Delta offer chances to see otherworldly bayou landscapes while experiencing Cajun and Creole culture.



The Amazon can feel like the last unexplored frontier in the world. The mystery of the dense forests and the uncontacted tribes that call it home create an atmosphere of wonder and adventure that blankets the entire country. From the beauty of the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve and the peaks of Machu Pichu to the multi-layered culture found in the colorful architecture and flavorful cuisine of cities like Lima and Cusco, Peru offers an experience unlike anywhere else in the world.


From the ruins of the Khmer Empire to the dense rosewood forests to the busting and rapidly modernizing streets of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, Cambodia is a country of majesty, history, and wonder. The people of Cambodia are known as some of the most friendly in Southeast Asia. Traveling the Mekong allows for insights into the country’s long and complex past as well as visions of the area’s hard-won future.


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