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Scenic Eclipse Positano, Amalfi

Luxury Cruising

Luxury cruising is the best way to see multiple destinations with your suite acting as your home base for each new location.

The story of human history is told where water meets the land. Most major cities and cultural centers were built on the shore so it makes sense to explore these destinations from their heart - the water. Small ship ocean and river cruises offer five-star amenities without isolating visitors from the destination. More often than not, on-shore excursions include exclusive opportunities not available to the average traveler. Imagine private lunches at a presidential palace or a tour through an ancient vineyard complete with tastings and a complimentary bottle. River tours are never about seeing a destination, but rather having the fullness of the experience.


There are hundreds of small ship ocean and river cruises to choose from but we make finding the right one simple. Based on your interests and your needs we can find the perfect cruise for you and curate a personalized itinerary for transportation, private tours, and much more.

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Imagine pristine white and blue buildings built into the dramatic hills that seek to climb out of the waves. Visitors of the Greek islands are often just as excited about the warm hospitality of the people as they are about the stunning beauty and ancient history unlocked at each port of call.

  • Tour the Acropolis, Parthenon, and the Temple of Athena in Athens

  • Walk through the archeological site of a town perfectly preserved by volcanic ash on Santorini

  • Eat a traditional alfresco lunch at an ouzerie in a Spartan port town

  • Browse local goods like thyme, leatherwork, and jewelry in the open-air markets of Vallianos Square in Argostoli


South Pacific

One of the most diverse areas of the world, the South Pacific is home to countless indigenous populations. This area is far enough off the beaten path to not be overrun with tourists, which can be a rare find. These tours are meant to introduce travelers to the natural beauty of the turquoise waters and unique flora of the islands and to foster respect and understanding for the local cultures.

  • Visit the island nation of Niue, the first (and only) country to be declared a Dark Sky Place. Nights here show the Milky Way on full display

  • Meet hawksbill turtles up close and personal on the island of Vanuatu

  • Snorkel through Bora Bora’s crystal clear lagoons

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South-Central Africa

Home to over 100 tribes and almost 200 languages, the southern half of the African continent offers a unique blend of biodiverse landscapes and hyper-diverse cultural experiences. Traveling through four countries in south and central Africa offers the chance to observe lions and cheetahs in their natural habitat.

  • Take a guided tour through Victoria Falls

  • Walk the bush in the active early morning hours with a local guide

  • Meet the Masai people and see how they have been living for centuries

  • Safari through the Serengeti by Jeep and the Chobe National Park by boat

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Paris to Prague

Prague and Paris are two of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The land between the two is full of centuries-old vineyards and palaces that have been standing since the middle ages. The cities along the Elba and the Rhine are full of both picturesque medieval buildings and modern amenities.

  • Take a moonlit cruise down the Seine

  • Visit the famous university city of Heidelburg, alma mater of Hannah Arendt, Johann Eck, and the fictional Dr. Frankenstein

  • Tour Nuremberg. The city had a large influence in both World Wars and the aftermath as the home of the Palace of Justice

  • Explore the generations of architecture - from medieval to post-modern - cohabiting in Prague

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