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Memorable Travel Experiences You Can Have Right Now

A professional travel agency is MORE IMPORTANT NOW THAN EVER as travel begins to reopen around the world in our post-COVID world.

Here are our top 4 reasons why you need a professional travel agency as a trusted partner as we all start to navigate the new travel climate:

1. Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Travel policies are often changing. We stay up to date on entry and quarantine requirements. It is crucial to know the risks of finding yourself in an unexpected quarantine situation.

Also, just because a resort is “open,” what will the experience be like? Are masks required? Are all the facilities and amenities open? Will the waterparks be open? What are your food & beverage options now? We can get that information for you to avoid expensive disappointments!

2. We stay current on which travel partners are trustworthy and fiscally sound. We certainly can’t guarantee that a company won’t default or declare bankruptcy in this ever-changing environment. But, we have connections that flag companies that seem to be in trouble. And, if the worst happens, we can help you secure a refund or resolution to the best of our abilities. You won’t face it alone.

3. We have some great suggestions for memorable travel experiences that you CAN experience right now! There are some mind-blowing beautiful destinations and resorts right here in our own country. In 2021 you can check out the US National Parks or visit Alaska on a small expedition cruise ship with fewer than 50 fellow passengers. Imagine laying out in a field on an upscale dude ranch in Wyoming, viewing more stars in the nighttime sky than you could even imagine! We have some fabulous options for you that you might not have ever considered, and we would love to help you get out of your house and live again – safely!

4. We are available to you before, during, and after your travels…kind of like a personal backup system! If you run into any hiccups or need reassurance while away from home, we are your first call! Delayed/Cancelled flights? Contact us while you wait in line with the airline, and we can try to get you rebooked before you even reach the desk. Is your “ocean view” suite nowhere near the ocean? Let us work out relocation with the front desk if they don’t respond to your concern.

A travel advisor is always your best advocate because we genuinely CARE!


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