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Luxury vs. Moderate Travel

Luxury travel and moderate travel are two different ways of experiencing travel. 

Luxury travel is typically associated with high-end accommodations, transportation, and experiences. This type of travel usually includes staying in five-star hotels or resorts, flying first class, and having access to exclusive experiences such as private tours or unique adventures. 


Our clients recently flew in Air France's business class category to Europe. There was a private driver waiting for them when they arrived at the airport to transport them to their overnight stay in the Intercontinental Hotel in Marseille, France.


On the other hand, moderate travel is more budget-conscious and involves staying in mid-range hotels or guesthouses, flying in economy class, and participating in more affordable activities.

One of the main differences between luxury and moderate travel is the level of service and amenities provided. Luxury travel often offers personalized service, such as a private butler or concierge, while moderate travel may have more standardized services. A few of the river cruise companies include private butler service for all guests who are staying in a suite, which means that all other category staterooms do not receive this service as part of the river cruise fare. 


A private butler is assigned to each suite and will provide services, such as the following: unpacking your suitcases upon arrival, packing your suitcases upon departure, laundry service, in-room breakfast and service during dinner meals onboard the ship as well as any special requests the guests may have. Our clients recently booked a suite accommodation on a river cruise. Here's Frederico providing excellent service to them in their suite.


Luxury travel also tends to offer more exclusive experiences such as private tours or behind-the-scenes access to popular attractions.

Another difference is the level of comfort and convenience. Luxury travel offers a higher level of comfort, with amenities such as spa treatments, gourmet dining, and luxury transportation. Here we are enjoying our 5 course meal at the Madame Brassiere restaurant inside the Eiffel Tower. Moderate travel, while still comfortable, may not offer the same level of luxury and convenience.


Overall, the main difference between luxury and moderate travel is the level of exclusivity, service, and amenities provided. While both types of travel can be enjoyable and rewarding, it ultimately depends on individual preferences and budget.


Which would you prefer?


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