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Autism Awareness Month

Have you ever been hesitant to travel because you or someone you are traveling with may need special accommodations? Maybe you are unsure how to navigate an airport or your flight because of a disability.


April is Autism Awareness Month and amongst many other facts and resources, it is important to acknowledge that autistic individuals and people with other disabilities may need daily supports, including while traveling. Let's dive into some tips and accommodations:


When considering travel destinations, look for locales and attractions that boast accessibility features. Many places now offer detailed accessibility information online, but a quick call can also provide that extra peace of mind when it comes to finding and securing hidden, accessible gems; whether it is a tour bus or trolley with a wheelchair accessible ramp or provided respite care on a cruise or all-inclusive resort!

Transportation can often seem like a hurdle, but it's one you can leap over with a bit of foresight. At least a dozen US airports offer rehearsal programs for travelers with disabilities, including those with autism, who often can become dysregulated from breaks in routine. Through these programs, individuals participate in a flight “dress rehearsal” from passing through security to boarding, “flying” and deplaning.


While in the airport for an actual flight, wheelchairs can be ready and available for anyone who requests one. Security checks can also be made easier by planning ahead and arriving early. According to TSA’s website, passengers with developmental disabilities, including autism, have the right to be screened without being separated from their traveling companions.


Traveling with disabilities might require a bit of extra planning but it's absolutely within your reach. Here's to your next grand adventure – may it be filled with joy, discovery, and the freedom that comes with knowing the world is yours to explore.


Our beautiful granddaughter, Jorryn

5 years old


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