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What's on Your Wish List?

Have you curated your travel wish list and planned for your future travel experiences yet? After a year filled with canceled flights and quarantine, this is a great time to reset your intentions to travel in ways to help the world heal and then thrive moving forward.

Here are the recent travel survey results where travelers crafted their travel wish list and plan for the future. The destinations span the globe, from the Outback to the City of Lights. Whenever you are ready to wander again, consider:

1. Italy. Italy boasts a staggering number of renowned art pieces and an abundance of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

2. France. Paris is known for its fashion houses, classical art museums, the Louvre, and monuments like the Eiffel Tower. Explore Black Paris by taking a stroll back through the rich legacy of African and African American history in the City of Lights.

3. Australia. Enjoy a VIP tour of Sydney's Opera House. Endowed with lots of natural wonders, plenty of wildlife, the largest barrier reef in the world, and the large expanses of the Outback, it's easy to see why Australia made the top 10 list.

4. Greece. Greece has hundreds of small islands ripe for discovery. Private yachting doesn't get much dreamier than the Greek isles.

5. Japan. Travelers remain in wait-and-see mode regarding Tokyo's postponed Summer Olympic Games, which have been rescheduled to July.

6. South Africa. Winelands, safaris, and Cape Town cool are perennial draws.

7. United Kingdom. The English countryside is an ideal place to socially distance or visit Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and the historic town of Bath.

8. Iceland. After months of exploring your own backyards, we're not surprised to see Iceland's otherworldly landscapes at the top of traveler's minds.

9. Spain. Spain offers a sunny climate, a colorful culture, thousands of years of history, and a dream travel destination for many. It provides vast landscapes, a world-famous coastline, and wide stretches of mountain ranges too.

10. New Zealand. New Zealand trips are all about mind-blowing natural beauty, from Franz Josef's glaciers to the volcanic wonders of Rotorua. Top off your visit with a private winetasting in Queenstown.

If you look hard enough, you can find something enticing about every destination we've mentioned above. But that's the great thing about a wish list.

Whenever you are ready to go, look to us for inspiration and practical advice on navigating travel's landscape now.


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