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Heritage Trip to Ghana

Discover your African ancestry on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Ghana. This deeply emotional trip visits crumbling fortifications left over from the colonial trade in enslaved peoples as they began the forced voyage across the Middle Passage. Get an in-depth look at the culture of the Ashantis, explore Elmina to discover the areas where your relatives might have lived before they were captured, enslaved, and shipped across the Atlantic to the Americas.

En route, pay tribute to your ancestors as you visit the Assin Manso Ancestral Slave River Park. You can also spend a day with members of your ethnic group, connect with your roots, and get a glimpse of their daily lives.

In Elmina and Cape Coast, you will tour the infamous castles and the Door of No Return overlooking the Gulf of Guinea, which may have served as the final stop on the African continent on your ancestors' harrowing journey across the Atlantic.

England Heritage Discovery

Do you have English ancestry? Trace your family history with the help of a genealogist, and we'll create a customized travel experience around the most meaningful places in your family's past.

Trace your personal heritage in England, journeying through the picturesque Cornwall and Devon countryside to the Mayflower's historic port. If you prefer, you can also go on an incredible journey designed to discover the rich history of American war aviation across southeastern England.

Japanese Ancestry

Explore your family history and travel through the centuries on this ancestral journey steeped in the culture & heritage of Japan. Discover more about your Japanese heritage with the help of a genealogist and let an experienced travel expert create a custom trip itinerary.

On this memorable Personal Heritage Journey, you'll retrace your roots. At the same time, you travel the country's length starting in Tokyo, visit the temples and shrines dotted throughout Kyoto, and learn about the tragic history of Hiroshima as you venture off-the-beaten-path with a private guide.

You can travel with a professional genealogist to destinations all over the world on a tailor-made and privately guided exploration of your ancestral homeland.


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