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Streets Paved in Blue Cobblestones?

Puerto Rico is an archipelago consisting of around 143 islands, cays, and islets. Puerto is the principal island of the islands of Puerto Rico, just like Hawaii is the primary island of the Hawaii's islands.

The largest islands consisting of Puerto Rico are Vieques, Culebra, and the islet of Old San Juan, which are the only ones inhabited. The offshore islands, cays, and islets are all very distinct, offering tourists the more natural side of Puerto Rico and possibly the last true "virgin islands" experience in the Caribbean.

Vieques & Culebra are equally unique. Many are converts and have become such die-hard island fans they go back annually. The famous islet of Old San Juan is a must-see.

Interesting facts about Puerto Rico

· The name of Puerto Rico originated from the abundance of natural resources, most especially gold.

· Christopher Columbus first discovered Puerto Rico in 1493.

· The Bacardi rum factory is the largest rum distillery in the world, and it is located in San Juan

· The official currency in Puerto Rico is the United States Dollar.

· Rio De La Plata is known as the longest river in Puerto Rico.

· Cock-fighting is a legal and favorite sport in Puerto Rico.

· Spanish and English are the official languages of Puerto Rico.

· The total area of Puerto Rico is only 13,791-sq-km.

· Puerto Rico is also home to the world's largest living reptile, the leatherback sea turtle.

· There are over two hundred caves that can be explored at the Rio Camuy Cave Park.

· Rita Moreno, a Puerto Rican actress, is the first Hispanic woman to win an Oscar.

· The Flor de Maga (or sometimes called the hibiscus) is Puerto Rico's national flower.

Fun Facts about Old San Juan

· "En Mi Viejo San Juan" could undoubtedly be Puerto Rico's unofficial national anthem and a well-loved song by composer Noel Estrada.

· The smallest house in the world could be found in old San Juan.

· Old San Juan is a location used by several films such as Dirty Dancing, Havana Nights, The Rum Diaries, Amistad, Pirates of the Caribbean: Strange Tides, and Fast Five.

· Most of the narrow streets are paved with blue cobblestones.

· Old San Juan is also tagged as "La Ciudad Amurallada," which means the walled city. · Six monuments in Old San Juan were named world-class historic sites by the United Nations. · There are some 400 restored buildings in Old San Juan from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Fun Facts about El Yunque

· There's an estimate of over 240 species of plants and trees in El Yunque.

· The forest is inhabited by rare wildlife, including the Puerto Rican parrot. The Puerto Rican parrot is one of the ten most endangered species of birds in the world. There are only 30 alive in the wild.

· In the Western Hemisphere, it is considered the most ancient natural area delegated as a reserve.

· It frequently rains in this National Forest. It rains four times a day there.

· It contains six rivers, several streams, and several waterfalls.

· Hunting is not allowed there.

· Landslides frequently happen in the rainforest.

There you have it! More interesting and fun facts about Puerto Rico.


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