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Snuggle Around a Blazing Log Fire!

When it comes to some of the best vineyards in the country, stunning Navajo rugs, spectacular sunsets, and incredible views of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, are not to be overlooked.

The state's warm and dry climate makes it ideal for growing grapes, but it has only recently increased in popularity. Nevertheless, the state's vineyards are making a name for themselves and inviting visitors to sample the wine in beautiful tasting rooms and picturesque vineyards around the country.

Arizona is also home to a thriving craft beer community if wine isn't your thing. Breweries have been popping up, with award-winning brews on every corner. Spend an afternoon sampling beer, listening to live music in the beer garden, and seeing all the hype!

Grand Canyon West offers some of the most spectacular views of the Grand Canyon and is filled with plenty of sight-seeing opportunities. Guano Point provides one of the most rewarding views of the canyon, and at the point, you can still see remnants of a historic tram that stretched 8,800ft from the canyon to a guano mine.

In addition to seeing the canyon itself, you can visit Eagle Point, where there are Native American village walking tours that feature replicas of authentic dwellings from the different American Indian tribes that used to inhabit the area.

If you want to get the wild west experience, Hualapai Ranch is a western-style ranch with activities like roping and quick draw to wagon rides for the whole cowboy experience. Nightly you can snuggle around a blazing log fire with millions of stars above!

Navajo rugs are stunning and immediately identifiable works of art. The history of Navajo weaving dates back to 1000 AD, with its earliest roots in the Pueblo Tribe. It is widely believed that the Pueblo were the ones who initially taught the Navajo how to weave, thus beginning a centuries-old practice. Originally made from cotton, it wasn't until the Navajo started raising sheep that they were made from wool, as they are today. The signature diamond patterns on Navajo rugs and blankets didn't appear until the 1800s, when the blankets rose in popularity and became a valuable source of trade for the tribe.

Arizona still embraces and celebrates its Navajo heritage, and there are many places around the state where you can purchase a handmade rug or blanket. There are even several places on the Navajo Reservation where you can watch a traditional blanket being made by a member of the Navajo Tribe.

There's something about beautiful sunsets that make the travel experience complete. Watching the sun slip below the horizon is the perfect ending to a beautiful day in Arizona. While there are many great spots to watch the sunset around the state, none are quite like Mt. Lemmon.

About an hour north of Tucson, the high elevation of Mt. Lemmon offers unobstructed views in every direction. The sunset trail is one of the most popular trails on the mountain. Easy and safe to hike after dark, the sunset hike is perfect to end the day. Be sure to pack a light jacket for the trip since you'll notice a significant drop in temperature once the sun goes down!

Ready to check Arizona off of your bucket list of places to travel to? Let us know!


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