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Here are the different types of experiences you will receive while visiting the Hawaiian Islands. Let us know which island inspires you the most and which one you'd see first (or visit them all during your trip).

According to a recent study, if you ask 100 people to name their top choice for a vacation, at least 30 of them will name Hawaii. Visions of tropical palm trees swaying in the breeze, drinks in coconut shells, and hula dancers create a very memorable image!

Have you ever wondered, "What is the best island/resort for a Hawaiian vacation?" There are so many different answers. A lot depends on your likes/dislikes, budget, and dreams of a priceless vacation! Some of the top reasons travelers select Hawaii are:

  1. No Passports Required

  2. No language barriers

  3. Their vision of America's tropical paradise

There are main islands in the Hawaii chain that are open to tourism, and each one of the islands offers different experiences:

  • Want to visit Pearl Harbor? Enjoy accommodations on Waikiki Beach? Oahu is your answer! Oahu has the largest population of people. Honolulu craft beer and food scene on the island is dynamic and continuously changing. To taste the local culture, check out the neighborhoods of Kakaako, Kapahulu, and Chinatown. Waikiki and Ala Moana Center are world-class shopping destinations, while boutiques in beach towns like Kailua captivate with their charms.

  • Maui is known for its stunning natural beauty, luxury resorts, and popular tourist attractions. It's ranked among the world's top vacation destinations.

  • Want to play golf and enjoy the peace and "small-town" quiet? Those seeking peace, tranquility, and an escape from the busyness of everyday life will find their solace in the serenity offered by Lanai. Hawaii's smallest inhabited island, Lanai, gives visitors a lovely reprieve from the fast pace of their usual schedules.

  • Do you love to kayak, hike, paddleboard, and be stunned by the most breathtaking scenery on the planet? Known as "The Garden Isle," Kauai is a spectacular island characterized by its wealth of lush, rich lands, including vast tropical rainforests, jaw-dropping mountains, and stunning beaches.

  • Are you fascinated by nature, history, and scientific wonders? Hawaii Island is the largest island chain and is known as "The Big Island." The Big Island of Hawaii offers active volcanos, telescope observatories on top of snow-capped mountains, and historical and religious landmarks! It boasts some of Hawaii's most varying landscape.

Which island, or islands, are for you? We know the right questions to ask to help navigate the process and make sure that your memorable trip is custom-crafted just for YOU.


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