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Must-See sights in Venice

The Piazza San Marco in Venice is one of the most historically significant locations in the city. If you stand in the middle and look around, you will be surrounded by major Venitian historical landmarks. The San Marco Basilica is unmistakable, but take notice of the three flag poles in front.

They are former ship's masts that once represented the kingdoms Venice conquered. On the perimeter of the piazza, the Florian is also considered to be the oldest café in Europe. What other hidden facts will you uncover when you visit Venice?

Getting around Venice is surprisingly easy. Once you arrive, you will find no shortage of boats to take you around canals. Hop on the Vaporetto for quick and easy transport along the Grand Canal and neighboring islands.

Look for the traditional Venitian water taxis if you want something a little more efficient than a gondola but more relaxed than the Vaporetto. Some even offer private tours around Venice!

Italy is known for its delicious pasta and decadent desserts, and Venice is no exception. Cited as the home for many fan favorites, including the Bellini, Venice is a food lover's dream. After indulging in a plate of risotto al nero di seppia, be sure to save room for gelato, a delectable fruit tart, or fritole, a fried doughnut that is popular in the region.

Some of the must-see sights in Venice are not as old as the city itself. In 2017, a sculpture of two giant hands supporting the Ca'Sagredo Hotel along the Grand Canal was unveiled. Artist Lorenzo Quinn created this art installation to bring awareness to the effects climate change has on the city and humankind's power to change it. See this incredible work of art for yourself when you visit Venice.

Part of the charm of Italy comes from the music that can be heard on every street corner. Fall into the rhythm of the day as you venture through the city. With live music all over the city, don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting to dance in the piazza. Let the music serenades you as you explore the magical city of Venice.


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