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Make Your Dreams Come True!

Traveling for the majority of 2020 was delayed in a way the industry had never seen before. Yet wanderlust and the desire to venture out into the world are still very much alive. How are your adventures going to look different?

A U.S. Travel Association report shows that most travelers (6 in 10) will be eager to travel once the pandemic passes. Many destinations around the country and world have begun to reopen in varying stages.

Most of you can’t wait to get out of your homes and explore the world after being cooped up for months. We all know you deserve a vacation free of stress. Like a wedding or another significant event in your life, it takes time to plan and curate a vacation experience of a lifetime.

Enter Tillie James Travel. We will save you countless hours of researching and planning by putting our many years of experience to work for you. With our global connections, we ensure that your investment will provide great dividends. Our number one commitment is our attention to detail so that you can rest easy and enjoy your vacation.


Getting to know Tanzania. Tanzania delivers an exceptional safari experience within its game parks and private reserves. The variety of scenery, activities, and accommodation choices make it a destination with broad appeal.

The vast grasslands are home to ostriches, elephants, and large predators, such as lions and cheetahs. As shown above, comfortable lodges make the perfect resting place for travelers as you explore the region.

A must-see destination in Tanzania’s northern circuit includes the Tarangire National Park, where baobabs dwarf the herds of elephants that feed beneath them. The park’s permanent river serves as a lifeline for the Maasai people and local wildlife.

Another Tanzania highlight is to descend into the Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The people of Tanzania are warm and welcoming. Spend a morning with exuberant school children, or visit the local markets.

We know it will be a gradual return to travel.

When you are ready to venture, we are here to make that dream come true!

Stay Healthy and Happy New Year!


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