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Jaw-Dropping Scenery

Did you know that Switzerland is a central European country bordered by France, Germany, and Italy? The territory of present-day Switzerland was developed in a similar way to that of the rest of Europe. Migration marked the first centuries, resulting in the area inhabited by different people. Currently, approximately 8 million people are living in Switzerland. German is the most widely spoken language.

Thanks to the astonishing Swiss Alps, Switzerland has some of the most jaw-dropping scenery in all of Europe. Even if you are not skiing or hiking, just admiring the majestic Alps will be sure to amaze you. Wherever you turn, the scenery looks like something out of a Bond movie with snow-covered peaks rising high about you. Keep an eye out for Matterhorn, which is the most iconic mountain in Switzerland.

Spectacular castles in Europe are located in Switzerland. The country is famous for its military neutrality. You can easily observe this through the remarkably preserved castles, many of which date back to medieval times. One of the best examples of this is the Chillon Castle, located on a rock on gorgeous Lake Geneva's eastern side. The castle dates back to 1150 and is one of the most visited castles in the country.

The town of Basel might seem like a small city, but it has quite an expansive nightlife. One of the best evening pastimes in Basel is spending an evening at the theater. Founded in 1834, Theater Basel is Switzerland's largest and most famous theater. This historic venue boasts magnificent stages and is home to Basel's opera and ballet companies. After the show, head to Bar Rouge, located in Basel's tallest building. Sip champagne and enjoy unparalleled views of the city in this upscale and intimate lounge.

The art of watchmaking only came into existence in the 14th century, and the trade didn't even reach Switzerland until much later. In Geneva, the watchmakers set strict industry standards, which resulted in some of the world's best-made timepieces. A specific set of conditions must be met before a watch is determined to be 'Swiss made.' The first is that the mechanics of the watch are of Swiss origin. Secondly, the mechanics must be laid within the borders of the nation of Switzerland. The third condition is that the manufacturer carries out the final inspection on the watch within the country.

For many people, Switzerland is associated with chocolate. And not just any chocolate, rich, smooth chocolate that melts in your mouth. In 1819, the first mechanized chocolate factory opened in Vevey's town, kickstarting one of the nation’s most beloved industries. In 1867, chocolatier Daniel Peter decided to experiment by adding milk powder, made by his friend Henri Nestlé, to increase sales. In doing so, he gave the world its first milk chocolate!

Switzerland is a beautiful country with gorgeous mountains, glacial lakes and all its nature to see.


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