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We’ve all heard of the destination wedding and by now, we’ve probably even been to a couple of wedding destinations. They are often at island resorts, European castles, or on the Mediterranean seaside. Some events may even be in the continental U.S., but you consider it a destination because you need to travel more than a couple of hours to get there. But what about the destination reunion? Years have gone by since you’ve shared time and space with your childhood friends, who have since watched their children grow and have children. Your fraternity brothers or military comrades are spread across the nation or the world and you think it’s due time to get together and catch up.

So, what do you do?

First, get your family, classmates, former co-workers, sorority sisters or anyone else you’re looking forward to spending quality time with, on-board. Sell your idea of a destination reunion by convincing them that occupying an entire deck of a cruise ship will be much more adventurous, fun and inclusive (there is, after all, something to do for everyone) than taking up entire floors of hotels in cities that much of your group is probably familiar with. Show them pictures of large groups of people on beaches or gathered together in a courtyard of a historic city. Breakout the destination’s tourism guidebook if you need to. Do whatever it takes.

Then, decide on a few details like destination, time and structure. Do you want a formal event during the festivities or will it be a more play as you stay approach? Take it from me, as the point person for family reunions and social club reunions, I know just how much planning these events require.

Ready to start planning your reunion? Let’s meet over the phone to discuss your plans. Click here to set up a time to chat.


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