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Get Off the Beaten Path

Six years ago, Lavar, our son, and Witney, our daughter-in-law, exchanged vows in Punta Cana. Family members and friends ventured to the Dominican Republic to be with them and to check out this beautiful Caribbean island. Besides having lots of fun at the resort, a few of us checked out the local towns too.

Host your next group in Punta Cana.

Let’s venture to the Dominican Republic this week.

Imagine the sound of gentle waves lapping at the shore and a light breeze rustling through the palm leaves above.

Picture yourself reclining on a comfy beach lounge with a tropical drink beside you. Where are you? You’re on a private island in the Dominican Republic.

Get your fresh catch here!

Every afternoon, at one of the many fishing villages in the Dominican Republic, you’ll find local fishermen returning with their day’s catch.

Book a fishing charter, and you could join them or stop into one of the nearby restaurants for a deliciously fresh meal.

What’s YOUR type of island getaway?

Do you want to spend your days at an all-inclusive resort where your choice of daily activities is endless?

Maybe you prefer peace, tranquility, and long walks on pristine beaches

Or do you want to get off the beaten path, meet the locals, and have a little adventure? The Dominican Republic has everything from Punta Cana to the Samaná Peninsula to small towns like Las Galeras and Las Terrenas.

What would you choose?

Like many Caribbean nations, the Dominican Republic represents a mix of cultures.

Most prominently, you’ll see Spanish, African, and Taíno influences in the food, music, religion, and family structure. (The Taíno were the indigenous people of the Caribbean.)

Spend a little time in the DR, and you’ll witness strong family bonds, warmth, humor, and a deep love of dancing–usually merengue and bachata.

Oh, and baseball. Dominican people love baseball!


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