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Four Top Adventure Travel Destinations

WOW! Adventure is everywhere.

Want to feel young and vibrant? Want to expand your worldview? An excellent way to achieve this and bring your family closer is to add adventure travel to your travel experiences.


Exploring Antarctica aboard an expedition ship should be added to your bucket list. Imagine seeing and kayaking among huge tabular icebergs in pools of turquoise blue meltwater. You will see many, many penguins, and mountains rising some 9,000 feet straight up from the sea.


There are plenty of adventurous opportunities in Belize with its thick jungle, wildlife, and stunning coastlines.

Belize's Barrier Reef is the second-largest in the world with its stunning beauty and incredible underwater world. Journey underground into a Mayan ceremonial cave and explore the Mayan ruins.


The world's second-largest country, Canada, offers endless adventure opportunities, from walking with polar bears, observing grizzly bears, and canoeing in isolated lakes to watching moose. Or, imagine kayaking and swimming with humpback whales.

Not to mention, because Canada's coastline is the longest globally, there's a plethora of coastal adventure! For instance, there are steep shoreline rocks you can trek over and marvel at expansive views of Lake Superior.


Chile's Patagonia Park is snug between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains. Who wouldn't give up an opportunity to sandboard in Death Valley or horseback riding on the beach? Or, add cycling in Pan De Azucar National Park and windsurfing and paragliding high above Iquique to your list of must-dos while in Chile.

These are four of our top destinations to experience and enjoy an adventurous vacation. Ready, Set, Go!


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