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Endless Adventures in Fiji

Still dreaming of your 2021 vacation? Well, discover a place, unlike any other. With picturesque beaches, lush forests, and undersea wonders, the islands of Fiji are full of wonder. Whether you are planning a celebration or need time to relax, spend time doing as much or as little as you like while you’re there — experience island life. 

Have you been to Fiji yet?

This exotic country in the Pacific Ocean is certainly captivating. Its beauty is undeniable, so it's no wonder the archipelago of more than 300 islands is one very desirable getaway destinations in the world. The natural allure of Fiji isn't the only reason to visit though. There are endless adventures in the country, which is why so many come back time and time again. Here are five exciting things to do, see, and experience in Fiji.

Sunbathe on the Coral Coast

This magnificent coral coast is one of the most charming beaches you could visit while in Fiji. The beach has some of the softest, whitest sand and of course, crystal blue waters. Aside from happily bumming in the sand, you can take the Ecotrax around to enjoy some of the island's wilderness and coastline.

Visit the Yasawas

The Yasawas is composed of 20 islands that feature abundant greenery, volcanoes, blue lagoons, and much more. There's so much to do that you could spend days on the Yasawas. You can go hiking, meet manta rays, check out the beaches, or take a seaplane.

Partake in Water Activities in the Mamanucas

With nearly 20 islands, the Mamanucas is home to some of the most stunning scenery in Fiji. Being among the volcanic archipelago, you'll notice travelers partaking in a ton of different water activities. Snorkeling and surfing are perhaps the most popular among them all.

Enjoy the Coral Reefs of Taveuni

As the country's third-largest island and the place that visitors come to see the most diverse coral reefs, including the Rainbow Reef. After snorkeling the reefs, take the Vidawa Rainforest Trail and visit the National Heritage Park (there is a small fee to enter, but it's worth it).

Check Out a Firewalking Ceremony

Throughout Fiji, you will see native Beqa men partaking in firewalking ceremonies. It's truly amazing to watch them walk across the scalding hot stones without getting burned!

Your escape to paradise is just one flight away. Waste no time starting your vacation with daily direct flights from North America to Fiji. Go straight from the airport to your bungalow or hop on a boat and cruise between the islands. Let me help you take the stress out of traveling. Vacation mode starts now.

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