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Create Family Memories

We’ve all got traveling on our minds now that the restrictions are lifting across the country.

This summer is an excellent time to let those long-dreamt-about family vacation ideas come to fruition. Just imagine the fun you would have with your children playing together at the beach or pool.

We have just returned from our first family vacation in a few years. Orlando became our home for the week, and it offered unforgettable thrills for an exciting family vacation. It felt great being grandparents returning with another generation. On Father’s Day, we visited Lake Apopka, where a local photographer shot the photo above.

Here are some of the best family vacation destinations this year in the United States:

· Orlando

· Yellowstone

· Hawaii

· Washington, DC

· Outer Banks

Experiencing a trip to Yellowstone with your kids is worth more than any class at school. Travel creates, strengthens, and boosts family bonds like no other experience! We still laugh about some of the situations and moments that have happened to us during some of our family ventures...but the most important thing is that our children will remember those stories and share them with their children someday.

Create New Family Memories

Visiting a new destination can awaken the opportunities and a sense of adventure for your family. Visit a volcano and witness an incredible sunrise. Explore the local music scene. Try new foods. Discover a new town. Sharing an irreplaceable and unique experience is one of the best ways to strengthen bonds and create unforgettable memories that you will all cherish forever!

Families can take advantage of being in a different environment by learning something new. Visit a local museum. Learn how to surf. Take a cooking class. Learn some foreign phrases. Doing so will help stimulate your brain in ways you wouldn’t be able to if you were at home in your comfort zone.

Spend quality time together making memories on your family vacation. Popular destinations are already filling up with other families just like you!


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