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Awe-inspiring landscape, traditional herbal remedies, and handmade dolls

This week, we want to highlight South Africa. It has it all, whether you are seeking a Big Five safari experience, cosmopolitan cities, a rainbow nation of richly diverse cultures, or spectacular scenery! Let us take you there now.

South Africa is a country with a vibrant culture and a rich history. There are three capital cities, and the country has 11 official languages, including Zulu and English. South Africa wasn't officially colonized until 1652, but cave painting has been discovered that date back some 75,000 years. Some of the best fossils of early dinosaurs have been found in the Karoo region in the Western Cape. It is estimated that almost 80% of the dinosaur fossils found to-date were found in the Karoo!

From hippos, majestic elephants, and speedy cheetahs, South Africa is home to diverse wildlife. Safari game drives take place early morning and late afternoon into the early evening. So, rise early when the animals are most lively for a morning game drive. Be ready to capture panoramic shots of the abundance of wildlife everywhere. You are sure to be fascinated by your wildlife experience.

South Africa has a rich heritage of traditional herbal remedies thanks to its abundance of indigenous plants known for their healing properties. With nearly 9,000 plant species found naturally in this area, it's no surprise that many of South Africa's traditional remedies are based on plants' curative properties. Rooibos is a bush that only grows in the Western Cape and has 50 times more antioxidants than green tea. The sour-fig plant is widespread across South Africa's coastal regions. The plant's fruit is used to make jam, while the leaves' juice is considered to have antiseptic properties and used to treat cuts, insect bites, and sunburn.

From towering cliff faces to awe-inspiring coastlines, South Africa is home to breathtaking natural landscapes. Like something out of a movie, The Blyde River Canyon is renowned as the largest' green canyon' globally. Situated on the famous Panorama Route, the area is home to many waterfalls and is a hiker's paradise. One of the iconic natural attractions in South Africa is Victoria Falls. This UNESCO world heritage site is a must-see attraction. For the daredevil, hike your way to Devil's Pool, where you can stand, sit, or swim in a rock lip overlooking a 100-meter drop.

Across parts of South Africa, you are likely to see beautiful, handmade dolls in some shops. While these dolls can make for popular souvenirs, they have a significant meaning. Typically associated with the Ndebele tribe, these beaded dolls are created for young girls to play with and serve as a fertility charm for young women and symbolize a woman's status in the tribe. Their design also varies according to region and customs, and no two dolls are the same.

From safaris to surfing, this country has so much to offer. Travel there with friends, family, or even solo; just be sure to savor the memories and enjoy every moment of your trip. We strive to create a unique, unforgettable, and magical journey to Africa to suit your travel style.

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