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8 Reasons to Plan a Luxury Golf Group

While we serve our clients in a number of ways, our focus lies in the group and luxury travel market, connecting busy professionals with a vacation that they won't forget.

We particularly enjoy river and small ship cruising.

For many years playing golf has been a sport we love to do. Well, Tillie loves to drive the golf cart and watch Joe play. We are pairing our love of golf with small ship cruising and want our travelers to enjoy it too.

This week we are sharing 8 reasons to plan a luxury golf cruise for a group of your friends, family members or organizations you might be affiliated with.

~ You can enjoy perks as a group leader. If you can gather enough people to book a group on a small ship cruise, you may sail at a reduced price or even for free.

~ There is no planning required on your end. When you go on a golf cruise, everything is arranged for you. You will golf at world-class courses in different countries all in one trip.

~ Your group will experience more meaningful adventures. You will not only enjoy challenging golf courses but also scenic waterways, stunning landscapes, gourmet food, local culture and quaint villages along the route.

~ Traveling together strengthens bonds and friendships. Two things that bring people together are travel and golf. Golf is so popular because of the social aspect of spending hours together outside while enjoying a little friendly competition, conversation and exercise.

~ You will travel with like-minded golf enthusiasts. When it comes to memorable holidays, choosing the right destination is key. When you travel with a group of golf enthusiasts, you are able to share your passion and excitement for the game.

~ This will be the easiest golf outing you ever experience. You and your group will love the ease and elegance of a luxury golf course. All you need to do is show up and enjoy yourself.

~ There will be golf experts on board. While cruising, you will enjoy the services of an experienced golf concierge and tour leaders. Get great advice as you head to the links.

~ Non-golfing partners will love this trip as much as you do. You won't have to worry about them getting bored while you are out playing golf. They will be more than happy to join the ship's excursions or wander the cities on their own.

Sounds exciting? Let us know when you are ready to start planning your golfing group trip.


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