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Secrets of the Nile

Want to know the best way to see Egypt? Take a cue from the ancient Egyptians and travel down the Nile River.

The Nile was used as a means of transportation for ancient Egyptians and a valuable resource for basic needs like fresh water and food. It's no wonder that many of Egypt's most significant monuments are situated right along the river banks.

A cruise along the river will reveal some of Egypt's most iconic landmarks, including the impressive Temple of Luxor, constructed in approximately 1400 BCE. A little further down the river, and you'll come across the Valley of the Kings, which is famously known as being the resting place of King Tut.

In the adjacent Valley of the Queens, Queen Nefertari's tomb has impressed historians and visitors since its discovery in 1904. This beautifully preserved and ornately decorated tomb gives visitors a glimpse into the past to see what the tombs looked like thousands of years ago.

Along your journey, learn about the secrets of the Nile and Egypt's history from expert guides who bring to life the ruins and monuments, painting a vivid picture of the past.

The Nile River acts as the perfect roadmap for a guided tour through ancient Egypt. With stops in Cairo and Giza, you can get up close to the Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza, which are the last of the surviving Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

As you glide from one city to the next, you'll pass through lush farmlands, beautiful deserts, and bustling villages. While the landscape has evolved, the route from one destination to the next has remained the same since ancient times.

Cruise down the Nile River in style like the pharaohs of ancient Egypt while enjoying modern-day luxuries. Gourmet dining, unprecedented access to the monuments, and exquisite accommodations are just a few of the things you can expect from a Nile River cruise. Get a taste of the local cuisine while spending time and sharing new experiences with your travel companions.

If you're looking for a unique vacation, unlike any other, take a cruise down the Nile River and discover the mysteries of Egypt's ancient world and modern-day.

There is so much more to see and do while traveling to Egypt.


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