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Being a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Pre-check flyer has its advantages. It allows you to spend less time waiting because of an expedited screening process. After submitting an application and receiving approval, you can keep your shoes, jacket and belt on when going through the security checkpoint at an airport. You can also keep your laptop in its case and enjoy a better traveling experience. But it’s important to remember some of the standard TSA travel rules and one tip in particular.

Remember the carry-on rules. While traveling to the Dominican Republic last year, my daughter (who hadn’t been on a flight in several years) put full-sized, brand-new containers of hair products into her carry-on bag. When she got to the security line, the TSA officers screened her bag and ushered her to a separate area. They closely examined the bag’s contents and made her discard any product that was in a container larger than the required 3.4 oz. Remember that you still need to watch how much of any liquid you bring on flights. You also cannot bring sharp objects, baseball bats, ski poles, golf clubs, a gun, most tools, lighters, matches and other flammable items.

Make sure to check your ticket and be sure that it says TSA Pre-check on it. It doesn’t matter if you have applied, been approved and even used the benefit before. If the ticket doesn’t have TSA Pre-check printed on it, you will be waiting in the security screening lines with everyone else. This happened to me. Don’t let it happen to you.

To learn more about the TSA Pre-check process, set up a time so we can chat. Click here.


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