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Abundant Sunshine and Warm Sea Breezes

Situated 600 miles off the coast of the United States, Bermuda Island is a territory of the United Kingdom located in the North Atlantic Ocean. It has an alias of The Somers Isles since it was here the ship of English Sir George Somers, called the Sea Ventures, was shipwrecked. That explains why most of its beaches are named after its crews.

The Bermuda Island is ordinarily referred to as only one land, but in fact it consists of 138 smaller islands surrounded by water. Bermuda is a small island with a total area of 58.8 square kilometers (27.7 square miles). It has an abundant and beautiful environment that has been the reason behind their rich economy.

Hamilton is the capital of the Bermuda Island. 2020 marks the 204th anniversary of the City of Hamilton as the capital of Bermuda. The official language is English even if the majority of the population are of the black race. The government is presently ruled by Queen Elizabeth II who has an executive authority exercised through the governor, John Rankin. He was appointed by Her Majesty. United Kingdom has full responsibility and authority over any changes in the constitution.

Being under the United Kingdom, Bermuda's defense is taken care of by the United Kingdom and not by Bermuda's own government. It was known long before that Bermuda is accountable for maintaining militia for the protection of the colony. Bermuda became the primary Royal Navy headquarter and dockyard in the Western Atlantic. Due to its strategic location in the Atlantic during WWII, the United States signed a 99 year lease-lend land agreement with the United Kingdom in 1941 for a naval and air base there of 2.2 square miles.

Bermuda Island is surrounded by some of the most beautiful waters in the world. Whitewashed stone cottages, beautiful beaches, cricket matches, proper gentlemen in jacket, ties, and shorts, are some of the labels that goes with Bermuda Island. Contrary to the common conception that the island is in the Caribbean, it is a tropical island conveniently located outside the Caribbean on the western Atlantic Ocean, five hundred eighty nautical miles east of North Carolina.

Bermuda Island is such a perfect location as a getaway, that most tourists would visit the Island to escape the harsh winters here, Canada, and Europe. Given the loveliness of the place and the great tropical weather, it's no wonder that people visit during the rest of the year. Bermuda Island has a unique and enjoyable climate because of its location being farther north than many popular vacation spots, while it is true that there is never a bad time to visit Bermuda, knowing more about the weather variations of the island can help visitors decide of the right season for them to take their vacation.

Bermuda Island is truly an astonishing experience for seekers of breathtaking beaches, thrilling activities, great accommodations, and beautiful people. Let Bermuda Island be your next destination stop.


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