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A Cultural Experience Like No Other!

Imagine traveling to Black London and Black Paris on a cultural experience like no other.

This week we wanted to share a glimpse of what type of tours are available during your next Paris or London trip.

Tours of Black London There are many organized walks across all parts of London, which help to uncover many fascinating buildings and monuments; landmarks and parks; people and statues, all associated with the black history of the capital. Here are two tour options while traveling to London:

  • St. Paul's/Bank Walk. This walk will take you through hundreds of years of the African presence and contribution to London’s way of life. Discover secret alleyways and enormous buildings connected to Africa and the Caribbean in ways that the owners do not want you to know. Find out about Black loyalists and African revolutionaries. Uncover the submerged links between racism, trade, religion, slavery, and politics, which are still evident in the very streets and buildings of the oldest part of London. This walk features: Ancient African architecture, African influence on European romance, British wealth, African resources, Secret societies, world economics and the church, African Female Resistance leaders and more.

  • The private journey will start with a special reception at the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton, where we sample some of their historical products; cafe, bookshop, exhibitions etc. We then leave for our circular tour of London’s typical attractions (Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, Houses of Parliament etc.) but with all the hidden Black connections explained. With special historical guests, you will get an informed commentary from the guide. You will cover a period of years including Black Roman Generals, Jimi Hendrix, black-owned nightclubs, Black Tudors, Female Resistance leaders, Amy Ashwood Garvey, Fisk Jubilee Singers, Dame Jocelyn Barrow, Olive Morris, Mavis Best, and more.

Tours of Black Paris

While taking these Paris Walking tours you will learn about the remarkable migration of pioneering African Americans to France and the impact both cultures had on each other.

  • Writers, Artists & Intellectuals in the Latin Quarter – Stroll through the arts district, open air markets and literary cafés to discover the haunts and homes of creative genius. Listen to the challenges faced by African-American intellectuals, artists, military and musicians in early 20th century Paris and the stunning outcomes.

  • The Entertainers in 1920s Lower Montmartre – Relive the exciting Roaring 20s in what was the Black Montmartre community of Baker, Bricktop and Bechet.

  • Africa In Paris – Explore the vibrant La Goutte d’Or neighborhood and its everyday activities of open-air markets, cloth shops and dapper clothing shops, hair salons, cultural venues – all while learning its social and political past and present.

  • Pioneers of the Left Bank – Soak up the ground-breaking achievements of Diaspora intellectuals around the Sorbonne and the post-WWII jazz greats in neighboring St. Germain-des-Pres.

  • Black Images in the Louvre– On this private tour, discover how people of color are depicted through centuries of masterpieces and why.

We hope that the Black London and Black Paris tours have piqued your interest to travel abroad in 2022. Our bags are already packed!


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