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Unique Wine Cruises

Wine cruises offer the fun of traveling with a group of like-minded people with a host of dinners, tours, events, and tastings onboard the ship and on land. These types of cruises can elevate your travel experiences to a new height.

Immerse yourself in the many flavors of Europe on a wine river cruise, where you will have the opportunity to join excursions that highlight the famous sights in each port of call.

These unique wine cruise itineraries offer you a perfect blend of wine-related experiences and excursions in grand capitals and charming towns. You'll taste local cuisine, discover how wine is made, and, of course, partake in tastings — all included in the price of the cruise.

Enjoy the magnificent views as your river cruise takes you through the picturesque wine region. It sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Join us in 2023 aboard a unique European wine cruise where you can join special tours designed to bring Europe's rich wine heritage to life. A dedicated wine host will be on board to lead tastings, host lectures, and suggest pairings with the ship's award-winning cuisine.

And, if you have a group of friends or family members who enjoy a good glass of wine, let's get you all on a river cruise in Europe.

We will be providing more about a fantastic wine cruise itinerary planned for 2023 in the weeks ahead.


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