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The Great Migration

Have you thought about visiting Africa and going on a safari? Safaris are especially magical now with fewer visitors, more wildlife, and natural social distance. In Tanzania, you can follow the epic Great Migration and Big Five wildlife and stay at some of the world's most exclusive luxury safari lodges.

When it comes to must-do travel experiences, serious travelers agree that an East Africa safari and exploring the heart of Africa belongs at the top of their list. Imagine experiencing "the Great Migration," where millions of animals trek across the Serengeti each year and across East Africa's plains. In Tanzania, the wildlife viewing is so extraordinary. It will feel like the animals are coming to you.

Depending on the time of year (typically between December and July), visitors have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the Great Migration. It's possible to witness wildlife compete for food, mate, and give birth — is there a bucket list item more magical?

When to Seize the Serengeti

Knowing exactly when to go is the best way to guarantee the ultimate adventure. Peak season is between June and September, and a great time to see wildlife actively roaming around. Plus, it's the height of the mating season and the ideal time to catch an epic wildebeest crossing at the Grumeti and Mara rivers.

Alternatively, December and March are also great months for safari: Thanks to the mating season a few months earlier, there will be newborn wildlife popping up seemingly everywhere.


Do yourself a favor and pursue the predator-free Arusha National Park. This move may seem less exciting, but it gets you even closer to the wildlife through the park's walking or canoe safaris.

It's the perfect way to switch things up, instead of driving around all day in search of the next animal sighting. One more thing: Remember to look up, as Arusha has Tanzania's largest giraffe population.

Regardless of how long you’re on safari, stay at some of the most amazing lodging Arusha has to offer. Click here to imagine yourself in Africa now staying at the Arusha Coffee Lodge!


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