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Indulge Your Sense of Adventure


Amazing vacations don’t just happen,
they need professional expertise.

Save yourself months of planning. Eliminate the overwhelm.
 Give yourself security and peace of mind.
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Every Detail Covered

Value of Luxury

Want to avoid the crowds? No problem. Skip the lines? Not a worry, we’ve got you covered. Luxury travel allows you to maximize your vacation time. From private transportation and exclusive dinner reservations to the best boutique hotels and private access, no matter your definition of luxury, we can create a vacation you’ll never forget. 

Peace of Mind 

Your vacation will be seamless from the start of planning all the way through to your return. With more than 20 years of Event and Travel Planning experience, there is no detail too small for us to miss. 

Flawless Celebrations 

You only celebrate the big milestones once in a lifetime. Spend your time exploring the world, not worrying about paperwork and planning.  We can build an itinerary that gives you the time to fulfill your desires. Immerse yourself in the culture of a destination. Authentic experiences, refined dining and elevated luxury will all ensure your celebration is a treasured memory.    

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You deserve a vacation free of stress


Put our experience to work for you.

Let us do the research, saving you countless hours.


Our global connections ensure that the investment in your vacation will provide great dividends


Your peace of mind is our commitment. Our attention to detail allows you to rest easily and enjoy your vacation.  

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— Step 1 —


Your vacation is not just something we pull off of a shelf for you. Each journey is a customized adventure exclusively for you. We begin every new adventure with a consultation to devise the plan best for your vacation.


— Step 2 —


Armed with the knowledge from the consultation we do the research and prepare the proposal for your vacation options. In addition to the itinerary, we will also provide additional ways for you to elevate your adventure.

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— Step 3 —

Say Yes

Once you’ve reviewed the proposals all you need to do is select the option you like and say yes. We will take it from there. We take care of booking all reservations, applying payments and arranging the insurance & required documents.


Group Travel

Connect with like minded people to explore the world together. We work with families, churches, businesses, clubs and organizations to help you experience new destinations.

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River and Small Ship Cruising

Exploring from the heart of the destination. Unpack once, explore more. Redefining luxury.

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Discover Your Roots

Have you ever wondered where you come from? We would love to connect you with your family's heritage. There is nothing quite like exploring your ancestry like walking the same steps.

Hey World Explorer

You’re looking for a vacation, not a new full-time job. Planning a vacation on your own can quickly add stress and anxiety to your life, not to mention dozens of hours. You deserve to have someone remove the stress and responsibilities of planning the details so that your only job is to enjoy the vacation.

We know how hard it is to deal with the multitude of vendors and logistics planning a great vacation requires. Gathering the documentation and entry requirements for other countries can be a daunting task. Our experience, of more than 25 years in the event planning and travel industry ensures we can seamlessly stitch together even the tiniest of details to give you a flawless vacation.

The process is simple. First is a consultation. Then you will be provided with a proposal of itineraries designed to fit you perfectly. Think of us as YOUR personal shoppers. We will do the research. All you need to do is select the proposal you want and say yes. We take care of everything else.

With the right travel professionals on your team, the only thing left for you to do is pack your bags and prepare to disconnect from your everyday life to enjoy your next best vacation.


Joe & Tillie

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Travel in luxury, unpacking once, you just need to select your destination. Sign-up below to subscribe to our newsletter.

Let Us Handle It

Gathering the documentation and entry requirements for other countries, connecting flights, coordinating transfers and navigating flight, cruise and hotel terms and conditions can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned of travelers.

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— We'll Take You To Places —

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