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Group Travel

Want to share your passions with your groups so they can explore, experience and share their common interests through travel?  Well, you can through group travel.  Tillie James Travel partners with families, businesses, organizations, churches and clubs to host remarkable affiliate group trips. Clients and members can even raise funds and travel the world for free.

How It Works:

  • Plan a trip for your customers, members or sponsors by partnering with us.

  • Extend an invitation to your customers, members or sponsors to participate in your fun-filled getaway.

  • Receive revenue share from each confirmed guest traveling with your group.


The Benefits:

  • Build loyalty by traveling with your customers, members or sponsors.

  • Stand out with extraordinary experiences to exotic destinations.

  • Specialized travel arrangements made for your group, such as private transportation.


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Get Your Group Travel Questions Answered — by a Travel Pro!

As a professional group travel planner, I get tons of questions about putting together group trips. Get the answers to the questions I hear the most!


Download my free FAQ guide to discover:

  • The best way to get extra amenities and credits on your group trip

  • When you should start planning your group trip … and what to do if you start planning at the last minute

  • My TOP way to make your group travel experience feel extra special (and it may not even cost you extra)

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